IPC Training and Certification team provides guidance in regards to COVID-19 for training centers, MITs and CITs

Training and Certifications Overview

Smart decisions, quality products, reliable performance, critical to success…these are regular terms we hear in the highly-competitive, always evolving electronics industry. To support these ever-changing demands, IPC delivers various methods of education, training, and certification. IPC training and certification programs are based on some of the most popular and critical IPC standards. IPC also develops media products for use in training employees in specific subject matter topics. Now, IPC is introducing IPC EDGE a new online learning management system to provide education to the electronics industry workforce. This platform is a 24/7 online learning environment designed to distribute knowledge and education to the electronics industry. Through these educational programs, IPC aims to keep the electronics industry workforce on top of their game.

Training & Certification

IPC training and certification plays a key role in bringing value to the electronics industry. These training and certification programs, built around IPC standards, developed and approved by industry, are delivered in a classroom setting by IPC certified trainers. Upon successful completion of the training and testing the student is issued an industry traceable certification in one of the following IPC standards; J-STD-001, A-610, A-620, A-600, 7711/21, and 6012. Even though the training is conducted in the classroom the certification testing is delivered through the online IPC certification portal. IPC also provides formal classroom training and certification programs for Certified IPC Designers.

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An online learning solution, offered by IPC, to enhance and grow your knowledge in the electronics industry with education through online courses, webinars, videos, white papers, personal development, technical knowledge and technical presentations. IPC EDGE is convenient, easily accessible and delivered to your laptop, tablet or phone at any time of day.? With IPC EDGE you are able to learn at your own pace, with knowledge checks within each course to help determine what you need to work on. Check out IPC EDGE to see what more is offered for your online learning experience.

IPC EDGE Certificate Courses

Certificate courses are a great way to ensure institutional knowledge about ESD, Soldering, IPC Standards and the Operator level training. Whether new employees learning manufacturing safety and processes for the first time or experienced technicians that need a refresher, IPC EDGE Certificate courses provide a self-paced, online experience developed using learning research that helps employees actively engage and implement this valuable information in your organization.

Professional Development

IPC provides professional development conferences, workshops and webcasts as a vital arm of the educational programs to the electronics interconnection industry. IPC’s professional development programs are held worldwide and are the leading source for training, educational programs, technical conferences and online seminars for professionals. To take advantage of these programs visit our upcoming events calendar for time and places.