Calculators and databases for land patterns, defects, roadmapping, PCB benchmarking, materials and impedance.

Supplier Industry Standardized PWB Roadmap(ISPR) Tool
The IPC PWB Suppliers Council Steering Committee Roadmap Subcommittee has created this Industry Standardized PWB Roadmap (ISPR) tool to provide gap analysis, identify technology needs, and highlight opportunities for enabling technology for the IPC PWB suppliers community. Note: Please choose 'NO', when prompted, "The workshop you opened contains automatic links to information in another workbook…".

PCB Benchmark Database (PCQR2)
Printed Board Process Capability, Quality, and Relative Reliability (PCQR2) Benchmark Test Standard Database

Ticer Technologies Embedded Resistor Calculator
This downloadable resistor calculator is a tool used by printed board designers to select sheet resistivity while considering resistor size, shape and power handling capability. The tool can help the designer select one or more of the available TCR ohms per square sheet resistance values to capture and eliminate more surface mounted resistors. It also has an input for etch factors, which allows designers and fabricators to better predict the final tolerance of the finished resistor.  The calculator is available in both metric and imperial (inch) formats.

The IPC-7351 Land Pattern Calculator
The IPC Land Pattern Calculator is no longer available.

PentaLogix Viewmate
This downloadable program permits Gerber files to be imported and viewed.

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