IPC Membership Dues

First-time, First-Year Membership Offer

Sign up as a new IPC member and get 50% off your first year’s membership. Applicable towards site-based or enterprise membership and towards all rate types. Sign up for multiple years and save! Receive 15% discount on a three-year membership and 10% discount on a two-year membership. Discount applies when multi-year membership is purchased on the same order. Past membership will be verified upon receipt of your application. Complete the application to apply now!

Check out Frequently Asked Questions. Or, for more information, contact [email protected].

Enterprise Dues

Global revenue of $250 million and up
Dues are based on most recently published annual global revenue. This data is used for internal categorization only. Increase your savings and access to additional benefits.

Over $250 M in Revenue
Revenue Range Dues
$250M - $500M $7,750 
$500M - $1B $12,750
$1B - $10B $18,000
$10B - $25B $23,250
$25B - $50B $28,250
$50B - $100B $33,500
> $100B $38,500

Global revenue under $5 million – Companies with revenue under $5M qualify for reduced rate site based membership. See table below.

Location Based Dues

Membership by Site
Single site $1,400, $1,200 for each additional, when purchased together.
Sales under $5M $800, $700 for each additional, when purchased together.

Affiliate Members

Government or Educational entities can qualify for reduced rate site memberships.

First site $450, $400 for each additional site when purchased at the same time.

Consultant Firms who have under 6 employees can qualify for a reduced rate site membership of $800.


Membership is effective upon receipt of your company's application and dues payment, and can be renewed annually. All fees are in U.S. dollars.

Acceptable forms of payment are:

  • American Express
  • Diner's Club
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Company check
  • Wire transfer (contact [email protected])

Purchase Orders are not accepted to establish membership.

To pay by credit card:

To pay by check:

Download PDF Application for Membership
Send the completed application with a check to:


3491 Eagle Way
Chicago, IL 60678-1349

To pay by wire transfer:
Contact [email protected] for details

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