IPC Hand Soldering Competitions

One of the significant processes in printed circuit board assembly is the hand soldering station. The personnel who work in these soldering stations have a special gift when it comes to soldering components to a printed circuit board assembly.

IPC brings to the forefront these gifted individuals by sponsoring regional hand soldering competitions (HSC) at various exhibitions/conferences throughout the world. At these events, the hand soldering competitors, representing their companies, demonstrate their successful abilities to hand solder a printed circuit board to IPC-A-610G within a specified time limit.

IPC provides competitions at the professional and the student levels, giving cash prizes to first, second and third place winners.

IPC World Hand Soldering Championship Competition Winners

productronica 2019
First Place Winner - Indra Setiawan, representing - PT SIIX EMS, (Indonesia)
Second Place Winner - Pauline Duval, representing - Thalès DMS, France
Third Place Winner - Maricel Calabig Velasco, representing - Integrated Micro-electronics Inc., (Philippines)

First Place Winner - Ryosuke Matsunami, representing - PWB Corporation, (Japan)
Second Place - Wenji ZHANG, representing - Jiangsu Jinling Mechanism Manufacture Factory, (China)
Third Place - Le Van Linh, representing - Spartronics Vietnam Co, Ltd., (Vietnam)

productronica 2017 ?
First Place Winner - Zhang Yi, representing - Chengdu #10 institute, (China)
Second Place - Vu Thi Xuan, representing - UMC Electronics Vietnam Ltd. (Vietnam)
Third Place - Hasrol Mizom Hosson, (Malaysia)

First Place Winner - Vu Thi Xuan, representing - UMC Electronics Vietnam Ltd. (Vietnam)
Second Place - Li Ying, representing - East China Institute of Electronic Engineering (China)
Third Place - Hyo-Jung Back, representing - LIGNex1 Co., Ltd. (Korea)

First Place Winner - Min Seok Kim, representing - Samsung Thales Company Limited (Korea)
Second Place - Hidemasa Kihara, representing - Toshiba Design & Manufacturing Service (Japan),
Third Place - Hasrol Mizam B. Hassan, representing - HGST Technologies (Malaysia)

IPC Regional Hand Soldering Competition Winners

IPC in conjunction with productronica 2019 would like to recognize the European regional winners of the IPC Hand Soldering Competition held on November 12-13, 2019 in Munich, Germany.

First place: Pauline Duval, representing - Thales DMS France
Second place: Marina Bouvet, representing - Thales DMS France
Third place: Ekaterina Stahlmann, representing - Grundig GmbH, Bayreuth Germany

Upcoming Events

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Sponsorship Opportunities

For European sponsorship opportunities, contact [email protected].

For China sponsorship opportunities, contact [email protected]

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