Getting Involved

Interested in Policy and Politics? Get Involved in the IPC Advocacy Team (the "A Team")!

The IPC Government Relations team is composed of experienced professionals working for you year-round. But the success of their work depends on the active engagement of IPC members like you.

We invite you to join our efforts in one of the following ways:?

  • Stay informed on advocacy issues by managing your e-mail preferences. By opting in to receive “Advocacy” updates, you’ll receive beneficial news to keep you actively engaged in the global government relations and environmental policy advocacy arenas.
  • Join the Advocacy “A Team”: Visit the IPC Advocacy Center and sign up for advocacy alerts, respond to surveys, contact your elected officials and more!?
  • Join the IPC Government Relations Committee and have a hand in setting our course of action. Contact our staff to learn more.
  • Be in contact with your elected representatives. Send emails, make phone calls, or meet with them at the local coffee shop or district office. IPC’s Government Relations team can help arrange meetings and provide you with talking points and handouts. The IPC “A Team” platform can help you contact U.S. officials, or these next links can direct you to Members of the European Parliament and of the Canadian Parliament.
  • Host an elected official at one of your facilities. You can offer a tour, a briefing or demo, and a chance for them to speak to your employees. Learn more here and contact our staff for support.
  • Attend one of IPC’s “IMPACT” advocacy events in Washington, DC, or Brussels. IMPACT events give executives of IPC member companies a chance to meet face-to-face with top government officials to discuss the issues we care about. Contact our staff to learn more.
  • Learn more about the IPC Political Action Committee (IPC PAC). Start here: ?
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